SA, an EARTH research

What happen when EARTH meets Matteo Portella. SA research!

Entirely made in English, together with prof. of CLIL, this project starts with the same idea of realization of the Australian Aboriginal project, but it turns out to be totally different! Always with the basis of a PowerPoint and a website, it is developed together with some of my companions and the product is a fantastic website and a fantastic lesson which, following the vision of the film Invictus (2013) contains a large part of the history of South Africa offering a very complete picture to us and to our comrades.

EARTH x Matteo Portella

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South Africa, an EARTH research

A project and website designed and built around the history of South Africa: Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, the Traditions…


Aborigines, an EARTH research

A project completely dedicated to the history of the Australian Aborigines. Created and studied by me and four of my classmates.


What is EARTH

Not a brand. Not a word. A revolutionary word that rethink the method to do our school projects. Now on!


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